Born in Catania in 1977, she is passionate about the Japanese polychrome woodcut “Moku Hanga” following the meeting, in 1993, with her Maestro, the Italian printmaker Ligustro Giovanni Berio, considered in Japan the reincarnation of Hokusai.

She was at first a friend and then a collaborator of Master Ligustro, since 2009 she became his official printer.

Expert in Japanese polychrome xylography, specialized in luxury techniques in use in the Edo period, she has held conferences and practical demonstrations in Italy and abroad, among the most prestigious the IMC Hawaii 2017 “International Moku Hanga Conference” in Honolulu – USA. (from minute 28:00 )

In 2015 and 2018 he held in Imperia the first courses and workshops of traditional Japanese woodcuts, satellite events of the exhibitions dedicated to Master Ligustro, sponsored by the Italy Japan Foundation of Rome, XiLover Academy was born to disseminate and make people love in Italy and abroad the technique.

The works – paintings and woodcuts- exhibited in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, from Canada to Japan, from Honolulu to Basel and London, in October 2018 “Just me” at the Museum of Art in Tokyo.

She has lived in Liguria, the French Riviera, Paris and London.

“Yochi Fujimori Juror Prize” at the 2015 AIMPE Biennial Japan with the print “Cherchez la Femme” on permanent display in Japan.

February 8, 2020 Society of Wood Engravers 82nd Edition Exhibition – Bankside Gallery – London

Flutti – Solo exhibition – S’Arte Gallery – December 2019 / January 2020 – Imperia – Italy

Iconic Beauty – Solo exhibition – Galleria delle Donne -November 2019 /January 2020 – Turin – Italy

TAMA – Tokyo International Mini-print Triennial – Art Museum Tokyo – October/December 2018 – Tokyo – Japan

For Your Eyes Only – Solo Exhibition – Alembic Art Gallery – cratore Raquel – March/April 2018 Rome – Italy

For Your Eyes Only – Solo exhibition – Barattolo Art Gallery – curator vKlabe Vincenzo Bordoni November 2017 Imperia – Italy

Being In Art – Solo exhibition – Together Mansion & Art gallery – one of the 5 events of vKlabe- curator Vincenzo Bordoni – Collection “For Your Eyes Only” – October 2017 – Rome – Italy

Beauty of Moku Hanga: Discipline and Sensibility The IMC2017 Hawaii – August/October 2017 – Honolulu USA

AIMPE – Awagami International Mini Print Exhibition Biennale – July/October 2017 Japan

The art box project – Art Basel Week – June 2017 – Basel – Switzerland

ImperiArte – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – October 2016 – Imperia – Italy

About Kintsugi – July 2016- Garlenda – Italy

Privet and its Japan – October 2015 – Imperia – Italy

AIMPE – Awagami International Mini Print Exhibition Biennale 2015 – Japan

Erotica 2015 – October 2015 – Bologna – Italy